Web Development Tips

How to Choose a Good Ecommerce Website Designer


It is worth noting that in e-commerce, success is based on how good the site is but how good it looks and most consumers judge a website based on how professional and how trustworthy the online store is by just looking at its aesthetics and most online retailers might be experts in their fields, but they are not great at graphic design or custom Web development.


When choosing a good designer or developer, there are some things to look at such as references. The client has to ask and make follow-ups on at least three references and some key aspects to consider like the quality of the developer or designer's work, how strict they are to keeping schedules and how easy it is to work with them.


A known fact is that the e-commerce shopping cart is the backbone of any kind of online retail business, and it is the content manager/reporting tool/order processing tool that the person will be left with after the designer has gone off after other projects. It is good to note that carts should be compared based on their features and once the person has narrowed down the field of shopping carts they need to look for designers that specialize if the type of cart that you want and it is better to avoid a cart that claims to get your e-commerce store set-up in less than an hour because such jobs do not last.


The web developer or the designer that is hired should be a pro that can translate the objectives and goals into a customer-pleasing, feature-rich, client-appeasing online shopping experience. If the web designer does not have much to add or is not very inquisitive about the business values, goals, and differentiators, it is they are not interested in the project, or they are not that well informed. The business owner needs to hire a professional at web-envy.com that can transform the business objectives into a good design and not just a site that functions how the business owner wants it to work.


Before signing a contract with the web designer, the person should get a statement of work that details the developer's understanding of the project, spell out the approximate time it will take to complete the project, enumerate the specific services the developer will offer and give an estimate of how expansions or extensions will be handled. It is worth noting that the client needs to go through a short interactive process with the web developer to make sure that the statement of work accurately portrays the project and meets the expectations of the business owner and if the web developer cannot describe the project in a statement of work, then they should not be hired. Check out this website at http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1019813 and know more about web developers.